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In the depths of that first lockdown, many of us found an escape by browsing the internet in search of products we never knew we wanted.

And as we read this and glance at the unopened 200-piece Joe Exotic jigsaw on the coffee table, we might even dare to consider whether we needed some of the things we have in our possession…

But not our colleagues – we only buy merchandise that adds real value to our lives. We promised your anonymity, for a good reason.

“I bought an Alesis electric drum kit, Monopoly Scotland edition and three matt white floating photo shelves. I don’t play the drums; I don’t like Monopoly; and I don’t have any floating photos.”

OK, maybe that’s not the best example. As we all know from our pet pics, we’re much better at indulging our animal companions.

“I bought a cat fountain as one of my pets is such a diva and would only drink from the tap which was a pain to keep turning on and off!! They love their fountain, so a weird, crazy lockdown purchase actually came as a huge plus.”

This mariner was treating themselves to lobster on the regular but even that got tedious as lockdown wore on.

“I convinced my husband to buy lobster pots as we have a small boat and all love seafood. We’ve been fishing for lobsters and crabs, but now my friends are sick of seafood I am stuck with five lobster pots and a total lack of interest!”

Having much better luck is one anonymous latte lover.

“The weirdest – also the best – purchase I made during lockdown was an expensive milk frother. I was ridiculed (even more so than normal) by my family but I’ve used it every morning and can’t imagine life without it. I urge you all to consider buying one.”

Fitness became really popular during lockdown … and marquees. Remember that whole marquee craze?

“I got myself a treadmill and a six-by-four metre marquee. Not exactly my normal online purchase.”

There were few things we spent more money on during lockdown than DIY projects. Some of which were more successful than others.…

“Five litres of paint for a fence that turns out to have been treated and therefore does not require painting for at least ten years!”

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Weird purchases

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