What’s your claim to fame?

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The ‘claim to fame’ – a strange phenomenon that can evoke awe, jealousy or just complete and utter bemusement.

Whether you played the spoons on Opportunity Knocks, rubbed shoulders with the A-list at a swanky do, or just think you saw Dean Gaffney at a petrol station in 2001, we want to hear about it.

The more impressive and tenuous the better, and don’t worry about your street cred – all entries will be confidential.

To kick things off, we asked our Communications team to share their best claims to fame:

“Suggs hugged me when I was crying.”

“My son fell off a treadmill in an LA hotel and was helped up by Dick Van Dyke.”

“I stayed up all night with Catatonia at an after-gig party and went straight to work the next day.”

“I presented Danny Dyer with his birthday cake.”

“Jude Law rubbed my back at a football match.”

“I sold Jay Kay from Jamiroquai a head-to-toe Ferrari branded outfit at Silverstone.”

“I punched Ricky Hatton… It was with his consent.”

“My son chased Emma Willis around the kids clothing section in M&S.”

“I went an Arsenal-Chelsea game with Bob Geldof.”

“I took David Coulthard through the Channel Tunnel. He even bought me a burger and drove my car!”

“I shared a taxi with Ian Wright! I also appeared on TV with Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer David Emmanuel.”

Can you top any of these? Let us know by completing the form below or emailing us and we’ll share them next week.

Claims to fame

Photo by Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash