What’s your best boxset?

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“What do you mean you haven’t watched [insert TV show name]? It’s the greatest programme ever!” It’s something we’ve all said at one point or another. But which one really is the best?

According to IMDB, the online database packed with movie and TV show reviews, the highest rated programme is Planet Earth II, quickly followed by Planet Earth. They’re good, but they’re not the kind of boxsets we were thinking of. However, further down the list, there’s a few more inspiring ideas.

Ranked third, with a 9.4-star rating, is Band of Brothers (with Damien Lewis before he became Homeland’s Nicholas Brody), with Breaking Bad (fourth) and Chernobyl (fifth) on the same score. Now we’re talking.

The poor ending (spoiler alert, sorry) to Game of Thrones must have had an impact as it sits in tenth place, while The Sopranos is in 14th.

But do any of these get your number one spot? We’ve pulled together a list of some of the anecdotal classics. Which is your top pick?

None of the above? Have we missed your ultimate boxset from our list? Get in touch with a review of the show and we’ll share the best responses.

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