Weird purchases in lockdown

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The memory of lockdown is something most of us will try to forget. Let’s face it, queueing two hours for toilet roll is unlikely to make the highlights reel in our episode of This Is Your Life.

But consigning those memories to the scrap heap is tougher for some of us than others because there are relics – totems if you will – scattered about our houses that are ostensibly linked to that dark period of our lives.

We’re talking about weird and random purchases.

The antique diving suit, the inflatable pub, Joe Hart … these were all things that seemed like good ideas when you were trawling the internet at 2am on a Tuesday morning but now they just seem like utterly bizarre life choices.  

So, it’s confession time … what did you buy? A unicorn inflatable? A pair of roller-skates? A bag of tungsten tip screws (you’re never gonna use ‘em)? You can count on us to maintain your anonymity – just share your weird purchases (and a picture, if possible) and we’ll put together a hall of fame.

To kick things off, here’s a few of the weirdest lockdown purchases you’ve already shared:

“I bought a pizza oven and proceeded to eat nothing but pizza for four weeks.”

“We bought our son a scooter and then got matching adult versions.”

“My mum bought a wooden bridge for her garden … I hasten to add she doesn’t have a pond.”

“I thought it’d be a really good idea to buy a trampoline. I was wrong.”

“My other half bought a wetsuit. He’s been surfing once … and that was before he bought the wetsuit.”

Can you top any of these? Let us know by completing the form below or emailing us and we’ll share them next week.

Weird purchases

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash