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Many of us have been working from home (WFH) for several months now. It can feel a bit like Groundhog Day. And all of those good intentions of taking care of yourself have gone out the window, right?

So, it’s time to reset your focus. To get yourself back in a routine that will help you and your productivity levels.

Create a workspace
Tempting as it is to work from the warmth of your bed or the comfort of your sofa, it’s not all that practical. And you don’t want a bad back. Create a proper workspace for your laptop, and make sure you have a good seat that supports your back.

Don’t work in your pjs
Again, it’s super tempting, but sticking to your regular work routine will help you shift your focus. A shower, clean clothes and even a fake commute (gentle, social distance stroll around the block would do) can help you prepare mentally for a day ‘in the office’.

Move and stretch
It’s really easy to set up for the day and go hours without moving. That’s not great for your mental or physical health. Why not stick an hourly reminder to get up and move in your diary? If you’re on a phone call, can you gently walk round the house at the same time? Bupa has some helpful tips and examples of stretches you can complete at your desk.

Listen to music
The silence (if you’re so lucky) of your own home can be great for certain tasks, but sometimes it lifts the mood to have a bit of background noise. A chatty radio station or podcast at a low volume will provide the soft chitter-chatter that you’re missing from your regular work location.

Update your to-do list each morning
Take the time to write out your to-do list each morning. It will help you prioritise your workload and give you a visual prompt of what you’ve got on your plate that day. Try to stick to one task at a time – your extra focus will make your work more productive. Crossing off each job done will give you a sense of achievement.

If you’re working from home, do you have any top tips to share with colleagues? Let us know via the form below.

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Image credit: Photo by Dillon Shook on Unsplash