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Our secret book worm is back with a new recommendation for you to escape from screens, the news and your family!

This week’s review is one you might have seen in movie form on Netflix. Is Wonder one for you?


This R J Palacio book is simply brilliant, and I recommend all children (probably over 12) and adults read it.

August is a young boy with a congenital disease. This has left his face physically disfigured but his mental development unaffected. He’s been home-schooled to this point, but the book picks up the story as he’s about to start school.

The story switches between August and his sister Violet’s point of view. She’s older, very protective and has a bit of the ‘forgotten sibling’ about her. August is a very relaxed and funny character who is mature beyond his ten years, yet has the occasional slip to remind us he is still very young.

What I love about this book is how we’re drawn into the life of a ten-year-old. We read others’ reactions to his physical appearance, but it’s never described. The relationships within the family develop and grow and I was reminded of the cruelty of school children when they don’t have proper understanding of a situation.

Wonder is a truly brilliant book. It was an easy read at a time when I needed a little mindless escapism, but I was taken aback by the emotion in the words.

I’m yet to watch the film but have also heard very good reviews.

Rating? 4 stars.

Have you read this book? Or is there another recommendation you’d like to make? Let us know!

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