That’s animazing!

If you fancy yourself as a wannabe Dr Doolittle, or simply want to wow your many fascinated friends with your incredible animal facts, you’ve come to the right place.

Store a few of these gems and you’ll get yourself a reputation as the new David Attenborough in no time.

  1. Some sharks glow in the dark. As if sharks weren’t terrifying enough as it is.
  2. Baby elephants suck their trunks for comfort. Cute, huh?
  3. Birds are immune to the heat of chili peppers. Vindaloo for a cockatoo, then.
  4. Tigers have striped skin, as well as fur. And each pattern is unique, like a fingerprint. Which might be handy if they burgle your house.
  5. Peacock mantis shrimps can throw a punch at 50mph. That’s quicker than a .22 calibre bullet but probably doesn’t hurt as much.
  6. Animal experts believe cats don’t meow to communicate with each other. It’s just something they do to get attention from humans.
  7. Talking of cats, they can’t taste sugar. Remind them of that when they’re mewing at you when you’re eating ice cream.
  8. Some snails have hairy shells. Slimy body not revolting enough for you?
  9. Alberta in Canada is the largest rat-free populated area in the world. Somebody put the London Underground in touch with them for tips.
  10. Time magazine reported that the annual number of worldwide shark bites is 10 times less than the number of people bitten by other people in New York. Is that why they call it the Big Apple?

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash