Plastic (not) fantastic

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We know there are a gazillion reasons why Covid-19 is a rotten business – but there’s one unfortunate bi-product of the pandemic you might not have thought about: the rise of single-use plastics.

As people (rightly) take extra precautions with face masks, hand sanitiser and gloves, there’s been an increase in single-use packaging finding its way on to our beaches and into our oceans.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! We each have the power to limit our reliance on nasty single-use plastics. Follow these tips to do your bit for the environment:

Clean conscience: ditch that preposterously smelly, luminous shower gel and go old school with a bar of soap. Complement your new retro cleanliness routine with a splash of Brut or Old Spice. Champion.

An inconvenient tooth: on the subject of hygiene, why not swap your plastic toothbrush for an eco-friendly alternative? Loved by pandas the world over, bamboo is a sustainable alternative that’s biodegrade.

That’s a wrap: when you venture to the supermarket, avoid fruit and veg that’s wrapped in plastic. It creates unnecessary waste – and let’s face it, eating vegetables is bad enough as it is.

Freestyle wrap: on the subject of plastic wrap, try to avoid cling film where possible and be inventive with how you store your food. Reusable boxes, a biscuit tin or your sock drawer (disclaimer: some suggestions are better than others) are all alternative ways to keep food fresh.

Less is more: consider buying less in general or look for items with less packaging. By adopting new shopping habits, we can curb the amount of waste that’s out there and live more harmoniously with planet earth.

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Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash