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Sometimes a change of scenery can make the world of difference when it comes to a little positivity boost. Other times, looking back at fond memories or revisiting special places can be just as good.

So we want to see all the things that put you in a positive frame of mind. That’s right, we want your positivity pics. What brings you joy, makes you smile or warms your heart with happy memories?

It could be those lovely flowers you planted during lockdown, a beautiful sunset, the idyllic setting of your hometown or even just a really good meal (we all know that’s the real way to our hearts).

Send us your pictures, and we’ll share them. It’ll raise a smile and give us all a brief escape from our day-to-day stresses.

Here’s a few of our favourites to inspire you:

One of Lydia’s favourite places is the bottom of her in-laws’ garden. A stunning view over the Vale of York. On a clear day, you can see the Pennines on the horizon.
Simone love the Peace Pagoda in that well-known ‘concrete jungle’ and ‘place with no history’: Milton Keynes. This monument was the first of its kind in the Western hemisphere.

Paddy is often found gazing longingly at this incredible seafood paella he enjoyed on holiday. You can almost taste the Mediterranean…
Jacey loves this huge, vibrant poppy – one of many that grows on a scrap of wasteland near a builder’s merchants close to her house.
She also loves this peaceful image of the clouds reflected in a very still and calm River Ouse.

What’s making you smile? Send us your pictures by emailing us or attaching your photos to the form below.

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