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We asked you to get your poet’s thinking caps on and complete our limerick from the first line: The nation went into lockdown …

Well, the results are in and – a bit like previous weeks, where alcohol and scruffiness featured heavily – we can reveal that lots of you are spending time drinking gin and sitting around in your pyjamas.

Here are a few of our favourites.

First up, a rather more educated entry from Chris, who’s teaching us our parts of speech this week:

The nation went into lockdown,
Did you know ‘nation’ is classed as a noun?
‘Went’ is a verb,
Haven’t you heard?
That’s your English lesson for now.

Karen’s one of many colleagues living on chatbox, which has provided rhyming inspiration:

The nation went into lockdown,
All I could do was frown,
They sent me home with a laptop,
Now I spend all my day on chatbot,
Covid definitely turned our lives upside down

It sounds like Merle is managing just fine during the pandemic:

The nation went into lockdown,
I tried to be brave and not frown,
To make sure I stayed in,
I got a delivery of gin,
And got down to work in my dressing gown.

Ramandeep (who sent in a cracking entry last week – loving this dedication, my friend!) is another one favouring loungewear and weighing up the options:

The nation went into lockdown,
Been two months since I went to town.
I can learn how to bake,
Or walk round a lake,
Or get used to being at home in my gown.

Ramandeep has also shared a little mirror gazing revelation with us. Although we can’t help worrying why it’s taken quite this long …:

The nation went into lockdown,
All at home sat in their gown.
With more time on my hands,
Singing songs of good bands,
I realised my eye colour is brown.

A little bit of political pondering from Kelly – who’s perhaps not enjoying the home school experience so much. All political views are the poet’s own:

The nation went into lockdown,
People’s smiles were changed to a frown,
As a parent you were now a teacher,
Alcohol before five became a normal feature,
Now the country is left wondering if Boris is a clown.

Shoutout to our key workers from an anonymous entry here – I think we can all agree:

The nation went into lockdown,

Pubs and shops closed all over the town,
But key workers were ready,
Their nerves staying steady,
Each one of them deserves a crown.

But this week’s winner – the bard of the bank … take a bow, our famously gin-sipping limerick laureate, yes, it’s our favourite regular contributor Alan, with another juniper-soaked belter:

The nation went into lockdown,
No more will I go out on the town,
I stare at the gin,
Thinking, is this a sin?
Whilst wearing only my dressing gown.

Think you can do better? Here’s this week’s starter line for you.

We’re doing our meetings on Zoom…”

Complete the form below with your lyrical limericks and keep checking back to see if you’ve been able to steal Alan’s crown!

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash