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Taking time to switch off from the world – let alone all those pesky screens and devices – is important for our mental wellbeing. What better way is there to forget about all your day-to-day tasks than by delving into a book?

Why not check out one of the newest releases in literature – there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

For the Sake of Art – Michelle Hockley

When Mr Peter Dowling, a respected researcher at The British Archives, makes a discovery at Yates Gallery in Hull, his concern for a flower stall on the Pimlico Market becomes too much to bear. On that morning, he walks into Blythe Street Police Station and makes a statement to DC Sarah Henderson.

Get ready for the twists and turns that this novella will take you on as it unravels towards the Old Bailey via the exotic spices and vibrant colours of Morocco.

A Song for the Dark Times – Ian Rankin

Rebus is back but this time it’s personal: his son-in-law is missing. Rebus heads out to solve the mystery. His daughter seems to be the obvious main suspect, so which role will Rebus prioritise – detective or father? Meanwhile, back in Edinburgh, DI Siobhan Clark is on her own case – that of the murder of a wealthy Saudi student. These two very different investigations may turn out to be part of the same tangled web.

A Song for the Dark Times is a gripping crime thriller that’ll keep you turning the pages.

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

Nora’s overdose doesn’t result in, as she’d hoped, nothingness. Instead, she’s transported to the Midnight Library, where she gets the chance to try the other lives she could have led if she’d made different choices.

As she faces her regrets – from not marrying to not becoming an Olympic swimmer – Nora discovers that the path not taken isn’t always the solution she thinks it is.

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