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Our most recent round of limericks prepared us for the impending clock change at the end of the month by discussing the night’s drawing in…

But rather than us focussing on dark and gloomy nights, we want to look on the brighter side of life, with this week’s lighter limerick line: I am feeling happy

Today, we’re starting with Melanie, who seems to have big weekend plans … not.

I am feeling happy
When is it Saturday?
So I can go out
That would be a shout
For a Covid 2020 stuck at home party. 

And poor Tracie seems happier to see her team, than she is for them to see her!

I am feeling happy,
I’ve just seen my team
These Zoom calls, they work like a dream
But now it is known, I’ve put on a stone
Which isn’t as good as it would seem. 

Laura, however, is feeling slightly more positive about the side effects of lockdown.

I am feeling happy
Even though I’m becoming a fatty
With treats galore,
Life’s no bore
But, please lock me out of the sweetie drawer. 

And thankfully Kathy is feeling perky too … at the thought of 2020 ending!

I am feeling happy
No more days of being snappy
‘Cause 2020 is over
(That’s almost it for October)
And we can get back to seeing our family. 

Samson isn’t feeling too stoked about this year either, but hopefully his last line fills you with confidence.

I am feeling happy,
One moment… then crappy.
The weather’s 50 shades of grey
And lockdowns coming back they say,
But we’ll be fine, we’re scrappy. 

But this week’s winner is Ross, with his lovely ‘glass half full’ mentality! Go, Ross!

I am feeling happy,
Better than feeling crappy,
Let’s have a laugh and smile
It’s certainly been a while
Let’s remember the good, not the bad. 

Can you write a better limerick? Here’s this week’s starter line for you:

It’s fewer than 100 days ‘til Christmas

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