Latest limerick laureates get lyrical

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With lots of us returning from ‘less than exotic’ staycations, we asked limerick lyricists among you to pen some verse starting with the line: The great British summer is here…

It was quality over quantity with this week’s entries – perhaps everyone’s still enjoying the great British summer?! – but rest assured, the themes of beers, bottoms and breezy beaches are all covered.

Graeme sets the tone with his entry about the scourge of picnics: wasps.

The great British summer is here
Let’s picnic with cider and beer
Wasps buzz with delight
As the kids scream in fright
And we head back inside full of fear.

Tracie’s off to the pub – but has some sage advice for anyone planning to sit outside:

The great British summer is here
The rain won’t dampen our cheer
The pub garden is jolly
But I’ll just grab a brolly
‘cause no one likes watery beer.

Ben’s worried about completely different weather conditions … and a potential wardrobe malfunction:

The great British summer is here
But with restrictions across the global sphere
I’ll have to sunbathe on my lawn
But my speedos are torn
Hopefully I won’t burn my rear.

But this week’s winner is Samson, who paints a disconcertingly accurate picture of a trip to the beach in 2020.

The great British summer is here
Time to head to the beach with a beer
With two million others
One toilet among us
Hmm, maybe I’ll wait till next year.

Can you write a better limerick? Here’s this week’s starter line for you.

The nights are drawing in …

Finish the limerick