Kids’ corner: On the hunt

Category: Wellbeing

Like everything else, the Easter egg hunt might be a little different this year, but we’ve got a few ideas for giving the old favourite an egg-ceptional new twist.

Help your youngsters put their investigative skills to the test by holding an indoor egg hunt – and make them think creatively about where their treats are hiding.

Raise the stakes by hiding clues in simple word searches – you can find a free puzzle generator online to help you set the fiendish challenges.

Or write a letter on each egg to make it a wonderful game of words, too. They don’t get the big prize until they’ve solved the anagram, so they’ll certainly need their thinking caps at the ready.

Why not host a reverse Easter egg hunt, letting the kids be the bunny and hiding the eggs for the grown-ups? They could fill the eggs with little vouchers, offering the power to skip a chore, choose a film for a family movie night, or pick their favourite food. Whatever the adults don’t find, they have to grant.

For older kids, take a look at Bits of Everything’s innovative smart phone egg hunt. It really brings the family tradition into the digital age.

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