Interpreting your dreams

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The idea of a dream is a lovely one – a mini movie where amazing things happen to you and you have no concept of the stresses and strains of your day-to-day life.

However, the reality is sometimes they’re so vivid you wake up exhausted, they’re so random you question whether cheese really does evoke bad dreams, or so bizarre that you forget them before you can re-tell them.

So, what on earth are they all about? There’s loads of different theories and meanings behind dreams but the simple fact is they’re stories that play out in our head.

It’s said that we have three to six dreams a night and that roughly 95% of them are forgotten when we wake up.

We’ve scoured the internet (hello, Google) to find some of the interpretations of common dreams. What are your night thoughts saying to you?

Dreams about flying
Allegedly, these can represent two different sides. On one hand, such dreams can represent feelings of freedom and independence. On the other hand, they can also indicate a desire to flee or escape from the realities of life.
Dreams about losing teeth

This can also have multiple meanings. You could be worried about your attractiveness or appearance, you may be concerned about your ability to communicate or worried you’ve said something embarrassing.
If your teeth fall out, you lose personal power, your ability to be assertive, decisive and self-protect.

Dreams about falling
Apparently, it’s a very common dream. And the myth that if you hit the floor when falling in a dream, you will die, well that’s a load of old rubbish. You didn’t really need us to tell you that though. Anyway, it’s a sign that something in your life isn’t going well and may suggest you need to rethink a choice or consider a new direction in your life.

Falling often expresses a need to let yourself go and enjoy life more.

Dream about being naked in public
It’s enough to make anyone wake in a cold sweat (unless that’s what you’re into, we’re not judging). Dreaming about being naked in public may indicate that you feel like a fraud or that you’re afraid of revealing your imperfections and shortcomings.

Dreams about dying
Ah, a bit of a bleak one but dreams aren’t all sweetness and innocence, you know. As you might have guessed, this reflects anxiety about chance or fear of the unknown. Dreams about dying also reflect a sort of mourning for the inevitable passage of time (such as birthday milestones, kids going to university etc).

We’ve ended it on a bit of a bleak one there, sorry. So, while we have you it’s important to remind you that sleep is mega important for your mental and physical health. In general, adults need seven to nine hours a night (honestly, we’re not hitting that, are we?)

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Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash