Here’s to you

Category: Our people

Kind words can go a long way and a simple ‘thank you’ can mean the world to someone. That’s why we’re sharing your lovely sentiments every week in our big shoutout.

If your colleague has done something awesome, made your day, raised a smile or just been their usual brilliant self, drop them a thank you shoutout, and we’ll feature our favourites.

Check out this week’s champions of the working world.

From: Sandra Cole
Sutton team
Message: “I would like to give a massive shoutout to all the Sutton team, who have remained so positive in these very tough times we’re all going through. They’ve smiled through every situation and laughed when they felt like crying.
“Special mention to the management team, Adam and Caroline. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with and I couldn’t wish to be part of a better team.
“Thanks to you all for your support when I went through my own tough time. You’re the best!”

From: Hollie Athey
Louise Holloway
Message: “Louise has been shielding at home and has been an amazing support to me in the branch via email and phone. As a frontline member of staff, I’ve needed support and motivation to put myself and my young children’s lives at risk to give our customers the best service possible during these tough times. We’ve worked together for more than 12 years and she’s always been my rock. Thank you Louise for always being there.”

From: Jane Simpson
Spalding team
Message: “I’d like to give a shoutout to my colleagues in Spalding branch. I’m currently working from home and miss them a lot. The CBM Jackie Lea and the rest of the team do the best they can to make me feel included and supported – recently using FaceTime, so I can actually see them!
“Today I received a parcel of goodies from them, and a card to let me know they are thinking of me. It was such a nice thought and I really appreciated it. I owe them a huge thank you.”

If you want to shoutout to a colleague, send an email with your name, your colleague’s name, and what they did to brighten your day.