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Kind words can go a long way and a simple ‘thank you’ can mean the world to someone. That’s why we’re sharing your lovely sentiments every week in our big shoutout.

If your colleague has done something awesome, made your day, raised a smile or just been their usual brilliant self, drop them a thank you shoutout, and we’ll feature our favourites.

Check out this week’s champions of the working world.

From: Lucy Rees
To: Anita Crowney
Message: “Thanks for leading by example. Your enthusiasm and passion for ensuring our under writers deliver great service to all its customers and stakeholders; it’s admirable.
“You help us provide a top-quality service and your support is really appreciated. From being the one we rely on in the morning to start our day with the allocated cases emails, to the phone calls/face time each week, and team meetings.
“As a team manager, we sometimes feel that we take what you do for granted, so thank you.”

From: Bridgette MacNamara
To: Caroline Bower
Message: “I’d like to give a big shoutout to Caroline in the Sutton Coldfield branch. She’s kept us smiling through these difficult times. She’s always positive, looks on the bright side and she always lends an ear when we’re feeling down.
“Caroline shows a lot of empathy to staff and customers. Thank you.”

From: Tracie Albert
To: Sharon Marchelewicz
Message: “After our team dial-in, Sharon was worried that I didn’t seem myself that day. She sent an email but wanted to be certain I was OK, so she took the time out to give me a call.
“By the end of the call, I was no longer feeling down in the dumps. She really cheered me up, just by phoning me and chatting for a few minutes.
“Ever since then, Sharon has regularly checked in and is always there for a chat if I need one.
“She’s a genuinely kind and caring person who always makes time for others.”

From: Kerry Hurt
To: Michelle Gregg
Message: “Michelle in Cater Allen has continued to offer excellent service to our customers.
“She’s supporting with customer emails, so she can call out and support them with their queries. We’ve had several emails from customers thanking her for her support. Well done.”

If you want to shoutout to a colleague, fill in the form below or send an email with your name, your colleague’s name, and what they did to brighten your day.

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