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Kind words can go a long way and a simple ‘thank you’ can mean the world to someone. That’s why we’re sharing your lovely sentiments every week in our big shout out.

If a colleague has done something awesome, made your day, raised a smile or just been their usual brilliant self, drop them a thank you shoutout, and we’ll feature our favourites.

Check out this week’s champion of the working world.

To: Perry Jones
From: Skye Bicknell
Message: “Perry took on a whole new role just before the pandemic started. He became a team manager (and a manager for the first time), so just as he was learning the role, everything changed. 

“Despite that, he continued to manage his team through new ways of working, staying in the office to begin with to make sure everyone had the equipment they needed. He even delivered equipment to people who could not make it to the office.

“He’s embraced so many new elements in his role as a manager for his team. He’s truly demonstrated the Santander way and has set a great example.”

If you want to shoutout to a colleague, send an email with your name, your colleague’s name, and what they did to brighten your day. Or complete the form below.

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