Guilty pleasures revealed

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We’ve all got guilty pleasures – things we love even though we don’t want to admit it.

So, we gave colleagues the opportunity to get their secret foibles off their chest. In exchange, we offered complete anonymity and zero judgement … OK, we’re judging a few of these.

One colleague is stuck in a perpetual smoke-filled murder mystery with a trench coat wearing detective. Just one more thing … haven’t I seen this episode before?

“I love watching back-to-back episodes of Colombo from the seventies. I’ve seen them all numerous times!”

Felony and misdemeanour are themes repeated by another colleague, who’s obsessed with true crime.

“I’m all over anything true crime – podcasts, TV shows, films, everything! My current favourite is The Teacher’s Pet podcast which follows the mysterious disappearance of an Australian woman.”

All that’s criminal about this person’s guilty pleasure is the fact they think jigsaws are only for baby boomers. Come on, who doesn’t love a 2,000-piece puzzle depicting Tower Bridge?!

“My guilty pleasure is jigsaws despite not being anywhere near 60 years of age.”

Strange food combinations are a common guilty pleasure and this colleague has a very peculiar concoction of their own.

“Chewing a slice of apple with a mouth full of milk is my sweet, battery-acid, guilty pleasure.”

But by far and away the most troubling guilty pleasure (sorry, we’ve judged!) was this response. Prepare yourself.

“People think I’m disgusting for this, but I love the brine water you get with a tin of tuna. I take the tuna out for a sandwich but before I mix it with mayonnaise, I drink the left-over brine.”

Well, that escalated quickly didn’t it? Think you can top brine drinking? If so, let us know by completing the form below.

Guilty pleasure

Photo by Luis Cortes on Unsplash