GBBO: semi-final week

Category: Staying social

Grab your French Fancies, it’s time to indulge in patisserie week as we near the end of The Great British Bake Off.

Our resident GBBO expert Ian gets you up to speed with the latest offerings from the tent. Warning: contains spoilers.

“It’s the semi-finals! The final four were battling it out in patisserie week, which is all about those clean edges and straight angles. All of the contestants were walking a fine line between the final and heading home which made it tense viewing.

“Up first was the signature challenge where the bakers had to create 12 identical pâte à savarins (Google it).

“Laura’s rum ones tasted good and Dave made one with passion fruit, mango and tequila … somehow it all worked.

“Hermine disappointed with her apricot efforts which were under done. However, Peter’s were sublime and earned the Hollywood handshake!

“The technical presented the ‘horn of plenty’ – otherwise known as a Danish kransekake cornucopia cake.

“The bakers certainly felt they were going round the bend trying to figure out this challenge. Poor Laura lost all her confidence, and her bake came a distant last. Dave’s was tough to eat and a slightly inappropriate shape (!) while Hermine’s looked the best but was tough on the teeth. That meant Peter was top pick yet again.

“This week’s showstopper challenge was to make a 25 mini cube cake. Two struggled while two excelled.

“Hermine’s cake turned out terribly with one cube design the texture of a rubber ball. Laura had to ‘bounce’ back from her technical, and her black forest gateau inspired flavours were fantastic, but again, the look of the cake wasn’t.

“Dave made two flavours for his chocolate cube cake design, with melted caramel inside one and chocolate mousse in the other, and both delivered.

“Peter once again wowed the judges with three different designs and tastes: pistachio, strawberry and chocolate. It rounded off his perfect week as he was, rightfully, crowned Star Baker.

“Unfortunately, Hermine was sent home. I hate that any of these bakers had to leave, and Hermine shouldn’t be going as she is too good a baker, but she just had a bad week at the worst time. “So, our finalists are Peter, Dave and Laura. I cannot pick a winner – it’s too close to call!”