GBBO: pastry week

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We’re five weeks into the latest series of the Great British Bake Off, so it’s time to see who’s flaking out and who’s handling the heat in the tent.

Our resident GBBO reviewer, Ian, is here to fill us in on the latest episode. Warning: contains spoilers.

“We’re down to eight bakers who are hoping to be a ‘choux’ in for Star Baker in pastry week. This week can lead to lots of panting and ‘puffing’ but it also leads to some ‘spec-tart-ular’ results.

“Up first was the signature challenge in which the bakers had to produce a national favourite – a Cornish pasty! This was a reasonable round with Lottie impressing with her ‘toad-in-the-hole-less’ pasty. Laura made a posh cheese and onion pasty with leeks and pleased the judges, too. Hermine and Mark L also made crowd pleasers. On the other hand, Linda made a fantastic …..samosa. Not so great.

“The technical was to make three raspberry and three salted caramel eclairs. It might sound easy but it’s not! This was a mixed round, some got the ‘choux’ to fit and go to the ball, others just made slippers. Peter came out on top, followed closely by a resurgent Hermine. In last place was Linda, making her effort twice with both looking more like a biscuit than an eclair.

“This week’s highlight was the showstopper challenge to make a ‘tart in a cage’. Some of the designs were amazing! We had two pyramids with Dave’s sitting over his excellent mango tart and Lottie’s even better effort over a questionable but tasty tart. Hermine’s cage was great until Paul Hollywood decided to crush it but at least the tart inside was fantastic. Laura’s design was jaw dropping, and tasty, as was Peter’s as well. However, both Mark L and Linda’s cages cracked under the pressure and they both had a poor round.

“This week, Laura was deservedly crowned Star Baker. Her showstopper really wowed Paul. We had to say goodbye to Linda who really never got going this week. She was great fun in the tent, but pastry was not her strong suit this week, and it’s a shame to see her leave.

“Next week it’s a first with Japanese week. The remaining seven bakers will need all their skills to stay in the tent!”

Image credit: GBBO Instagram