GBBO: Japanese week

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Even the simple things in life need a bit of a ‘freshen up’ every now and then, which probably explains why, after 11 series, The Great British Bake Off decided to introduce a Japanese week.

So, what did it have in store? Our resident GBBO reviewer Ian is back with his rundown of episode six. Warning: contains spoilers.

“We’re now down to seven bakers all competing – for the first time in Bake Off history – in Japanese week. It could be either a ‘manga’ success or a ‘matcha-do’ about nothing.

“Up first it was the signature challenge in which the bakers had to create eight steamed buns.

“This was a strong round. Animals were the main design feature, some matching their fillings, with Laura’s pigs, Peter’s sheep, Dave’s chickens and Hermine’s … pandas (no pandas were hurt during this round). We also had the burger ‘face off’ between Mark L and Lottie. Most bakers did well.

“The technical was a matcha mille crêpe cake, which looked a little like a patch of grass! This was a solid round with Peter getting near perfection and Lottie a close second. However, Mark L and Laura finished sixth and seventh, respectively. For Laura it was her second below par challenge.

“This week’s showstopper challenge was the first in the series where all seven looked amazing, even if they didn’t taste it! The challenge was to make a cute, designed cake called a ‘kawaii’.

“Marc designed his cake to resemble his dog, as did Dave and they both looked and tasted great (the cakes, not the dogs). Peter made a shuttlecock with a headache which was good, Hermine missed the brief slightly with a more French inspired cake, while Mark L’s avocado cakes were classed as almost inedible by Paul…

“Laura had a great upturn in fortune with her fantastic pineapple upside-down cake. This looked and tasted superb. However, the favourite was Lottie’s cotton jiggle toadstool cake. A sentence that I never thought I’d write!

“Lottie’s showstopper wowed Paul, and her second-place finish in the technical helped her to the Star Baker accolade. We had to say goodbye to Mark L, which was a big shock as he hadn’t been that bad until the showstopper. I really liked Mark for his smile, wit and his baking ideas.

“Next week it’s back to my childhood! It’s the 80s week. Radical.

“See you next week!”

Image credit: GBBO Instagram