GBBO: Dessert week

Category: Staying social

This year’s series of The Great British Bake Off is edging ever closer to completion (say it isn’t so!), which means things are hotting up in the tent with the final on the horizon.

Our resident reviewer Ian, and keen GBBO viewer, looks at the trials and tribulations from episode eight. Warning: contains spoilers.

“It’s the quarter-finals time with only five bakers left. They’re all so close to the final round so they’re getting ready to (c)rumble in dessert week. 

“The signature challenge saw the bakers creating 12 identical mini cheesecakes, yum!

“Overall, it was an average round. Dave wowed the judges with his flavours of passion fruit and lime and his presentation. Laura’s looked an Eton mess but tasted even better than Dave’s with another passion fruit design. Meanwhile Peter’s were more like Yorkshire puddings with a sunken middle, while Hermine’s and Marc’s were both OK.

“The technical was to make two Sussex steamed pond puddings. Try saying that a few times!

“This round was a disaster and all the bakers failed to produce a pudding worthy to eat. Laura came first, but it was a hollow victory. There wasn’t one decent bake among them.

“The showstopper this week was to make a jelly art cake. Like any great dessert, the bakers saved the best for last. The cakes all looked good and some of the art was amazing.

“Hermine’s Japanese poppy was mind-blowing, in fact the whole cake impressed the judges. Dave’s layered jelly of a beach scene was not to be ‘trifled’ with, as he also had a good cake.

“Laura’s pond was another very impressive design. However, Peter’s Christmas cake missed the mark and was oversized, while Paul claimed that Marc’s cake needed a chainsaw to cut through.

“For the second week in a row, Hermine was crowned Star Baker while Marc unfortunately didn’t get his just desserts and was sent home.

“I loved Marc, his calm manner and gentle improvement and growth each week was a pleasure to see. I’ll miss him and his unique style.

“Next week it’s the semi-final with only four bakers remaining and it’s the killer patisserie week, presentation is everything.”