GBBO: Chocolate week

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In week four of the Great British Bake Off, it was time to see which contestants melted under pressure and who shone like a great ganache.

Our resident GBBO reviewer, Ian, is back with his take on the latest episode. He’s late but we don’t mind! Warning: contains spoilers.

“On Tuesday night I had a great British doze off and that is why this is a little later than normal!

“We’re now down to nine bakers who are ready to see if they will hit the ‘sweet’ spot in chocolate week. It can be a real ‘choc-astrophe’ for some, but for others it will be ‘plain’ sailing.

“Up first, it was the signature challenge in which the bakers had to make my personal favourite, chocolate brownies. In all honesty, it was a bit of a disaster. Lottie’s ‘freezer’ water topped her strawberry cheesecake brownies, while half of Sura’s brownies ended up in the bottom of the oven, and those that didn’t weren’t much better.

“The technical was a babka bread, which is twisted chocolate filled bread loaf, and it certainly caused a few bakers to take a turn in the wrong direction.

“Lottie made, in her own words, a ‘Viking longboat’ – and rightly came last – while Sura cut off half her loaf off before cooking it. There were some highlights with Laura coming second and Linda on top with a great looking loaf.

“So, to the white chocolate celebration cake showstopper. White chocolate can be a nightmare to use, ironically, this was the bakers’ strongest round.

“Peter made a neat graduation cake for his brother which was well received. Hermine’s cake looked OK but the taste of the blackberry centre caused Prue to get very excited!

“Mark and Marc baked similar good-looking cakes but Mark L was the slightly stronger. Unfortunately for Sura, her cake wasn’t fully cooked and was inedible. Lottie’s cake looked OK but didn’t taste as good.

“This week Mark L was crowned ‘Star Baker’, mainly for his consistency more than brilliance. While we had to say goodbye to Sura who had a horrible week. She was a great baker and really deserved better, but the final cake disaster was too much to recover from.

“Next week it’s pastry, I can’t wait to see what the remaining eight can cook up next!”

We must remember to get the pies in for Tuesday’s episode. Tune in on Channel 4 at 8pm.

Image credit: GBBO Instagram