GBBO: 80s week

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We’re rolling back in time with The Great British Bake Off thanks to the 80s theme this week.

Ian, our GBBO expert, provides his review of episode seven of our favourite baking show. Warning: contains spoilers!

“Apologies for not being on time with this week’s review – I ran out of plutonium for my DeLorean, after helping a small alien call home. However, back at ‘Bake Off’ we’re now down to six bakers all competing in the totally radical 80s week!

“Baking on the hottest day of the year, with heat of 30-plus degrees (remember that?) in the tent, first up it was the signature challenge in which the bakers had to create two different quiche recipes.

“Overall, it was a solid round by the remaining bakers. Marc had a good double act but as both were fish filled, they were a bit similar. Peter’s were also good, but flavours weren’t quite there, which was also the case for Lottie’s. Neither of Dave’s were great, almost bringing tears to Paul’s eyes. Hermine’s, however, were both ‘bodacious’ and wowed the judges.

“The technical was to make cream-filled finger doughnuts. Only Hermine, who came first, and Peter and Marc did well on the challenge. Dave’s were so dark in colour they looked like a bread roll! This round left Dave, Lottie and Laura all ‘Livin’ on a Prayer!’

“This week’s showstopper challenge was to make an ice cream cake….

“Baking on a hot day certainly made it feel like ‘Gremlins’ were in the tent. However, while Hermine baked a fantastic mango cake, Marc made an excellent pear and chocolate stripe cake and Peter’s Christmas cake, with Christmas puddings, all impressed.

“Laura and Lottie, however both had ‘meltdowns’ with Lottie’s cassette cake being a disaster mix of look and taste.

“Hermine was rightly crowned Star Baker with three great bakes.

“Unfortunately, in Bake Off Another One Bites The Dust and it was Lottie who left the tent. Lottie could be amazing and chaotic at any time, but she was a good baker, and it’s a shame to say goodbye.

“We’re now down to five with only three weeks to go. Next week it’s a quarter-final and it’s dessert week. Let’s get ready to crumble!”

Image credit: GBBO Instagram