Friday’s meaningful moment

Category: Wellbeing

So, the last few months have been tough and we’re all doing a sterling job (no, really you are) but are we doing enough to look after our own happiness?

We bet you’re good at checking in on your friends and family, and yet you’re probably forgetting to look after number one in the process. That’s OK, it’s a nice personal trait. However, we want you to pause.

Take a moment each day to consciously do something to make you happy and to spread a little more cheer too.

May is a month that marks Mental Health Awareness Week (Monday 18 to Sunday 24) and we’re taking the opportunity to share a nugget from Action for Happiness’ Meaningful May calendar.

Today’s final tasks are:

Think about how your actions make a difference for others

Find three good reasons to be hopeful about the future

Look up at the sky. Remember we are all part of something bigger.

You can download the complete Action for Happiness calendar, or keep checking in with Stay in Touch each day and we’ll provide your daily reminder to get some happiness!

Are you doing something to lift your own spirits or the mood of your friends and family? Share your tips.