Five things you didn’t know about … Stephen

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Meet Stephen – a thrash metal star, who once upset Darius of Pop Idol fame and stood up a tech giant.

Stephen, subject matter expert

  1. I was in a thrash metal band called ‘Stevie and the Requiems’. We auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 but we didn’t get through and our audition didn’t even make it onto the programme.
  2. I was one of the mascots for Dunfermline in the 2004 Scottish Cup Final against Celtic. I got to walk out the tunnel at the start of the match holding Gary Mason’s hand. A great day and it was amazing while we were leading 1-0, but we unfortunately lost 3-1 in the end.
  3. I went to school with Cyrus Campbell-Danesh, the little brother of Pop Idol finalist Darius. At Cyrus’s fifth birthday party, I accidently stood on the box of the Phantom Menace video causing it to crack. Darius saw red … whoever said he was ‘Colourblind’!?
  4. Before I joined Santander, I had applied to work at the Apple Store. After the interview, I never heard back so assumed I didn’t get the job. A few months ago, I found an old email address I had. I logged in and found an email from Apple offering me the job!
  5. I have a pet goldfish called Tiong.

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