D’you know what I meme?

Category: Fun stuff

We asked you for your best picture captions and you really sealed the deal. But whose meme got the Stay in Touch seal of approval?

All those lockdown workouts have clearly made a lasting impression on Ian:

“And four and five, and remember to keep those legs straight guys. Feel the burn!”

Ruaraidh’s mind went to exactly the same place:

“… and eight and nine and ten. Now on to left leg raises…” 

Suzan thinks it looks like our seal friend is enjoying an outdoor cardio blast:

“These outdoor aerobics will be good for losing a couple of pounds.”

Has seal yoga been trademarked yet? Michelle’s asking for a friend…

“And into your half-moon pose.”

We’ve all put on a few lockdown pounds, Ryan.

“Lockdown hadn’t treated Leo so well. He knew it was time to jump back on a Santander Cycle.”

Ffion thinks this curious mammal is pondering the dilemma of social distancing with a need for sweet and savoury snacks.

“When you can’t tell if there’s more than three customers in Greggs.”

Adam’s caption seems to point to a much bigger problem for our seal friend…

“That leak will sort itself out any minute now…”

But Ross is the winner with a caption that sums up how most of us feel at the moment.

“When you try to look sexy during lockdown.”