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Finding the right book can be daunting when there’s so much to choose from. So, we’ve enlisted the help of a secret bookworm to pen a few reviews. If it sounds like one for you, give it a try.

Will our secret bookworm persuade you to pick up a new book?

Sunny Days and Sea Breezes

A wonderfully warm and bright book that’ll help you escape if you’re looking for a bit of much-needed adventure.

The main character, Jodie Jackson, leaves everything she knows for a houseboat on the Isle of Wight. She soon finds herself falling for the island and its inhabitants – but it’s tougher than she thinks to escape the big smoke.

Packed with quirky characters, a love interest and an (un)healthy dose of revenge, this is well worth a read!

Rating? 3/5

Have you read this book? Or is there another recommendation you’d like to make? Let us know!

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