And your Disney World Cup winner is …

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, well wait no more young Simba. That’s right, The Lion King has been crowned the, err, king of all animated Disney movies.

Hakuna Matata to Monsters, Inc. but there really wasn’t much of a competition in the final round of our Disney World Cup. The Lion Sleeps Tonight, not this one. The Lion King has stormed its way through the competition, seeing off 31 films in the process to the top and wiping out Finding Nemo and Toy Story in head-to-head battles in the early stages.

There was a small fight put up by Mike, Sulley and the gang from the scary monster cupboard but Monsters, Inc. never really stood a chance. The Lion King romped to victory with an incredible 71% of the final vote.

So, it’s happily ever after for the much loved 1994 classic with more family drama than a Christmas special of Eastenders. Plus, it gives us a good excuse to share one of the best opening scenes of a film. Ever.

Photo credits: Disney (on page), Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash