Action for Happiness

Category: Wellbeing

Every month, Action for Happiness shares a tip a day to promote kindness, happiness and all-round goodness from each other.

Selfcare and acting on motivational tips come easier to some than others, so rather than encouraging you to do one thing a day, we thought we’d share all the wise nuggets from this month’s Action for Happiness in one go.

Whether you decide to do one a day, one a week or one a month is up to you. But wouldn’t it feel good to make a conscious effort to do something to care for yourself and others?

This month’s action calendar focuses on altruism. Which basically means philanthropy, humanity and self-sacrifice. So, it’s all about noble, selfless and humane acts.

Action for Happiness: Altruistic August actions

  • Choose to be kind to others (and yourself) every day
  • Send a positive message to someone you can’t be without
  • Treat everyone you interact with as though they are a friend
  • Ask someone how they feel and really listen to their reply
  • Spend some time wishing for other people to be free from suffering
  • Smile and be friendly, even when ‘physically distancing’
  • Thank someone you’re grateful to and tell them why
  • Give unused items, clothes, food or money to help a local charity
  • Water some flowers or plants in a public park or outdoor space
  • Contact a friend to let them know you’re thinking of them
  • Be thankful for your food and the people who made it possible
  • Share an encouraging news story to inspire others
  • If someone annoys you, be kind. Imagine how they are feeling
  • Try to bring a smile to as many people as possible
  • Cook your favourite food for someone who will appreciate it
  • No plans day! Be kind to yourself so you can be kinder to others
  • Make a thoughtful gift as a surprise for someone
  • Give your time to help a project or charity you care about
  • Check in with someone who may be lonely or feeling anxious
  • Look for the good side in everyone you meet
  • Tell someone about a book or article you found helpful
  • Do something to make life easier for someone else
  • Turn your phone off and give people your full attention
  • Take time to forgive someone who hurt you in the past
  • Give your time and energy to help someone in difficulty
  • Find a way to ‘pay it forward’ or support a good cause
  • Notice when someone is down and try to brighten their day
  • Start friendly conversations with people you don’t know
  • Plan a future project or gathering for your community
  • Do something to be kind to nature or our planet
  • Share Action for Happiness with other people

Good luck spreading joy and happiness!