A box of happiness

Category: Wellbeing

When the grumpy gremlins strike and you’re feeling gloomy or stressed, how about a box of tricks to cheer you up and chill you out?

That’s the thinking behind wellbeing boxes – a fun craft activity that neatly opens up conversations about mental health and how we’re feeling.

They’re mainly aimed at children but making them can be a great hour or two for the whole family. Grab a box – anything from a shoebox to the biggest you can find. Then decorate it with wrapping paper, glitter, fabric, old posters or magazine snippets – anything that makes you happy.

Now it’s time to fill the box. Think what brings you joy – a favourite film, an inspiring song lyric, a ticket stub or a picture of friends. Write yourself a few messages to pop in there; it’s a lovely idea to write notes for each other too, to read later. When you’ve finished chat to each other about what’s in the box and why you’ve chosen it.

Keep your wellbeing box in a safe place. Whenever you’re feeling a little low, take a moment to open it up, read the notes and remember what brings you joy.

What’s in your wellbeing box? If you created your own, we’d love to know. Email us your pictures and film, the name and age of your child. You must agree to the data protection statement before submitting any content, otherwise we cannot publish your submissions. 

Photo by Tina Floersch on Unsplash