Kids’ corner: Black History Month

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October marks Black History Month, which is an annual commemoration of the history, achievements and contributions of black people.

The aims of the month are to promote knowledge and understanding of black history and culture; and acknowledge and celebrate the contributions made by black people to the cultural and economic development of the UK (and wider).

There are loads of amazing books, websites, videos, TV shows and much more to help you chat to your inquisitive kids. Here are a few resources to get you on your way:

Black history on the BBC: CBeebies has an excellent website with materials to help start conversations and bring history to life. There are several videos with dads and daughters discussing everything from Rosa Parks to the Jamaican football team.

For older kids, it’s worth exploring the BBC’s Primary History which has clips from the Black Britons programme to introduce history of black people in Britain, from the Romans, through the slave trade to the end of the Second World War.

TIME for kids: This weekly classroom news magazine encourages kids to get reading. The Black History Month section has articles on films, books, notable leaders and ordinary people who changed the world in extraordinary ways.

Reading Rockets: There are so many book choices out there it can be quite daunting and confusing. Don’t worry, Reading Rockets has provided a list of its favourite books to help kids learn and grow by understanding the challenges and joys of black people. The list outlines the genre, age level and reading level. There’s something for everyone.

Black history on ITV: So, this one isn’t necessarly aimed at kids, but it’ll help provide some background information and perhaps answer questions that you may not know the answers to. ITV explains ‘what is Black History Month and why is it celebrated?

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